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VPN/VPC - Replication over VPN/VPC

CloudBasic RDS Geo-Replicate was purposely built as an Amazon EC2 Server Image (AMI) and is inherently compatible with Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC). Amazon VPC is a secure and seamless bridge between your existing IT infrastructure and the Amazon Web Services cloud. Amazon VPC enables you to connect your existing infrastructure to a set of isolated AWS compute resources via a virtual private network (VPN) connection.

In many ways, to manage CloudBasic RDS Geo-Replicate within Amazon VPC you will follow the same practices and use the same tools you are using now to manage your own local infrastructure. Resources you define in Amazon VPC belong only to you. They cannot be accessed from outside your VPN.

The VPN connection uses industry standard IPsec tunnel mode (with IKE-PSK, AES-128, HMAC-SHA-1, PFS) to authenticate the gateways to each other and to protect the data in transit from eavesdropping and tampering.

Weather you need to continuously replicate MS SQL Server from on-premise to AWS or vice versa, the setup of the replication is as simple as launching the CloudBasic server within your AWS subnet, either close to your standby MS SQL Server (for on-premise to AWS replication scenario; see figure 1), or in the same AWS subnet where your master MS SQL server is (for AWS to on-premise replication scenario; see figure 2).

Figure 1: On-premise to AWS VPC replication configuration

Figure 2: AWS to On-premise VPC replication configuration



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