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Business Continuity

Business continuity is the ability to continue business operations when a crisis or disaster occurs. Business continuity planning requires processes, procedures, and measures to ensure that business operations can continue without interruption.

By storing your data in AWS RDS or EC2 SQL Server Database and Geo-Replicating it using CloudBasic RDS Geo-Replicate, you take advantage of many fault tolerance and secure infrastructure capabilities that you would otherwise have to design, acquire, implement, and manage. CloudBasic RDS Geo-Replicate maintains multiple copies of all data in different AWS regions to mitigate outages due to data center failures or human error. At any one time, one or more replicas are running in a different region.

With CloudBasic RDS Geo-Replicate seamlessly mirroring your databases to another region, the remaining to be done to design, deploy and operate a Disaster Recovery solution becomes a straightforward task.


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