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Partner with CloudBasic. Replicate Innovation. Profit.

CloudBasic, Inc. develops enterprise-grade cloud technology products. Our software is designed from the ground up for AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and IBM Cloud, and can be securely provisioned In-the-Cloud, in hybrid and inter-cloud scenarios by third parties, such as technology providers and independent IT consultants.

CloudBasic’s SQL Server replication technology has been successfully deployed to support mission critical solutions by a broad range of clients, from Fortune 100 Corporations to tech startups around the world. Our clients manage vast amounts of data efficiently and securely, with a zero footprint.

Gain competitive advantages as a CloudBasic Partner!

Timing is perfect. Yes, you will bill consulting hours, and charge higher margins on a robust technology with a growing set of features. But what’s more, at your disposal you will have reliable replication and integration tools that will become the key enablers of innovation at your client’s side. You will have no overhead, zero cost of entry, and senior software engineers will be standing by to support you.


• Help your customers avoid cloud provider lock-in by mirroring SQL Server from one cloud provider to another. I.e. mirror AWS RDS to Google Cloud, Azure or IBM Cloud. Make CloudBasic your console for semi-automatic fail-over from one cloud provider to another.

• Deploy solutions for a number of use cases – from On-Premise to AWS Disaster Recovery or AWS Cross-region implementation, or creating of Multi-AZ or cross-region Multi-AR replicas for reporting and data locality, to complex Inter-cloud replication configurations.

• Receive relentless senior-level support from CloudBasic’s Senior Engineers, who can offer assistance for your particular application or the specific features for your client’s use case.

• You will be competitive! Our Geo-Replication solution competes with SQL Server Enterprise AlwaysOn Availability Groups and overcomes AWS RDS Multi-AZ limitations. It's offered at substantially lower cost, particularly with our support for SQL Server Web Edition.

• Offer lucrative AWS Consulting using [CLOUDBASIC + RDS/SQL Server Web Edition] instead of [RDS Multi-AZ], which not only lowers the solution TCO for your clients, but also provides more functionality. Take a look at this Multi-AZ cost comparison table.

• Simplicity is key! Set up in minutes and manage all aspects of your client’s deployments via a simple web-based UI. We stand behind you if you need support.

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