Affinity Protection

Case Study - Cross-Continental Data Locality & High-Availability

Booking Protect Implements Cross-Continental Data Locality & High-Availability based on RDS SQL Web Edition Geo Read-Replicas with CloudBasic

Booking Protext Case Diagram

Booking Protect Ltd, a comprehensive refund protection provider, utilizes CloudBasic RDS SQL AlwaysOn/Geo-Replicate to distribute data across Europe, US West and East Coasts, and Australia by continuously replicating their EU-based master data into pair of RDS SQL Servers Web Edition in each region, with automatic fail-over between the Read-Replicas.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Booking Protect provides refund protection to retailers in various industries, allowing end-customers to get their money back in case of a booking cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances. The service is managed via an AWS based platform, which enables retail partners to manage their accounts, service customers, and monitor financial performance, and therefore must operate with High-Availability. Utilizing CloudBasic AlwaysOn/Geo-Replicate, the company deployed an advanced data geo-replication configuration, distributing data from their master RDS SQL Servers across Europe, US East and West Coasts, and Australia, with automatic fail-over between the Read-Replicas in each region, achieving High-Availability and Data-Locality. .

The Client

Booking Protect is an innovative affinity protection company that provides a complete refund protection product to retailers.Booking Protect Limited is a European affinity protection company, which works with retail partners in a broad range of industries, allowing them to offer a comprehensive Refund Guarantee to their end-customers. The Booking Protect flagship product covers all elements of a booking, including tickets, travel, accommodation, as well as all associated service fees. The product comes with a list of core refund circumstances; however the company can accommodate retailers with virtually unlimited options, based on their specific needs.

Retail partners can integrate the comprehensive refund protection offering into their services or e-commerce channels via Affinity Hub, a sophisticated cloud-based platform. It has a well-documented rest API, and provides retailers with all the information they need to extend the offering to their customers, dynamically accounting for various parameters and pricing.

The range of product features, along with the underlying innovative technology platform, has ensured Booking Protect's position as a leading refund protection provider covering any booking from any sector. Learn more about the company at

The Case

Booking Protect's service offering is materialized via Affinity Hub, the comprehensive multi-language and multi-currency online account management platform. It enables the product administration to facilitate the entire process at the point of sale, and interacts with the retailers' e-commerce platforms to obtain real time sales data, analytics, and more. In addition to providing customers with a real time view of their sales and financial performance for their products, the platform includes a dynamic suite of reports, a pricing module, a refund management module, and a comprehensive finance section. Booking Protect's API is presently capable of processing a minimum of 1,000 transactions per second and has a maximum response time of 0.10ml seconds.

The cloud architecture of the platform must be robust enough to accommodate all this functionality, not to mention the financial implication to Retail Partners in case of platform downtime.

The master data is hosted in AWS EU Ireland, but High-Availability replicas of the data are needed in multiple other regions, and redundancy measures must be put in place to eliminate any downtime possibility.

The Solution

The IT team at Booking Protect determined that the most practical solution would be to operate High-Availability Read-Replicas in AWS EU West and Central, in AWS US East and West, and in AWS Asia-Pacific with a pair of RDS SQL Server instances in each region. An automatic fail-over between the local RDS instances in each region is implemented using Route 53, a highly available and scalable cloud DNS service, which allows the configuration of health checks to re-route traffic to healthy endpoints. A CloudBasic for RDS SQL Server Read Replicas and Disaster Recovery server runs in the VPC network of the EU RDS master, creating Geo Read-Replicas of all databases in each remote region.

The Results

With the help of CloudBasic for RDS SQL Server Read Replicas and Disaster Recovery Geo-Replication engine, the team of developers at Booking Protect was able to design a sophisticated cloud architecture with multiple redundancies, scalability options, and powerful reporting capabilities. Affinity Hub can reliably expand and handle the fast growing network of retail partners, as well as new products and services, such as the upcoming Travel Protect.

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