About CloudBasix Inc.

CloudBasix Inc. specializes in the development of enterprise cloud technology products designed from the ground up for leading Cloud infrastructure providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud (GCP), Alibaba Cloud.

AWS Marketplace and Microsoft Azure Marketplace have been our main distribution channels.

Our flagship product CLOUDBASIX for RDS, Redshift, S3 Data Lakes, & Showflake has earned a five-star customer ratings.

We also believe that enterprises need to understand the advantages of a multi-cloud environment. Some of our customers have already pioneered and realized the benefits of deploying CloudBasix for RDS in Azure SQL-to-Amazon RDS, AWS RDS-to-AzureSQL, AWS RDS-to-Google GCE SQL Server InterCloud DR/HA/DWH/Reporting scenarios (read the case studies)

CloudBasix's products are tested and trusted by organizations such as Nasdaq, CBS, Under ArmourCA Technologies (Computer Associates), Telus (Canadian National Telecommunication company), Telstra (Australian Telecommunication Company), OFX (Australian financial company) brought to us by Rackspace, and even a European government brought to us by NTTData ($14.6B Consulting company) and EA (Enterprise Architects) - a UK based consulting company with customers in the likes of BP, BTBarclays, Shell, HSBC, Fidelity, Lloyds Bank, British Council, Emirates etc. (see case studies)

CloudBasix's approach is to build an engineer-to-engineer relationship with customers, a partnership where we can take on challenges together.

The company was established by senior software engineers who were involved in the development of real-time investment banking systems and Business Continuity/ Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) operations at established public companies. CloudBasix is a proven leader in the development and implementation of distributed InterCloud database management systems, as well as the tools and platforms needed for their management and administration.

In the highly competitive world of Cloud Infrastructure providers CloudBasix’s Replication and Integration tools have provided a valuable differentiator to our partners and allowed them to attract business clients from a broad spectrum of industries, including Financial Services, IoT (internet of Things), BI (Business Intelligence), Software Products & Services, Healthcare, Retail, E-Commerce, Manufacturing, and Oil & Gas.  Our experience working with this diverse set of clients, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies, has made us a trusted name and a reliable partner in the Enterprise Cloud space.

SQL Server on AWS and Azure Replication Technology

CLOUDBASIX for RDS SQL Server Multi-AR replication services were designed from the ground up for AWS and Azure. Once launched from a pre-configured image, the interaction with the CloudBasix services is handled via a web based UI, just as with any other AWS or Azure service.

From Nasdaq to CBS, our customers choose CloudBasix to upgrade or enhance AWS RDS Multi-AZ to Multi-AR to enable RDS SQL Server Read-Replicas for HA & offload primary RDS Servers; achieve cross-region DR & data-locality in hybrid, across AWS regions and InterCloud scenarios; feed data to MS SQL Server, RedShift BI DWH, & Hadoop.

Underpinning the CloudBasix replication products is a MS SQL Server Enterprise (High-Availability) AlwaysOn / Mirroring compatible replication  engine that  combines the  speed  and  availability  of  the  high-end  MS SQL server high-availability commercial replication capabilities with the simplicity and cost effectiveness  of  a new  generation  “virtually  no administration required” tools.  With our technology even the most complex replication scenarios can easily be configured in minutes using a simple web based interface.

With RDS AlwaysOn/Geo-Replicate and RDS Multi-AR you do not need to worry about details such as Log Shipping Servers, Transactional Replication, MS SQL Server Clustering, Fail-over Cluster Instances, Snapshot Replication, High Availability, AlwaysOn, MS SQL Server mirroring, Active Secondary Replicas, Availability Replicas, Availability Groups, Availability Databases, Types of Fail-over, Availability Modes, Asynchronous-commit mode, Synchronous-commit mode, Planned manual fail-over, Automatic fail-over, Asynchronous-Commit Availability Mode, Synchronous-Commit Availability Mode, Mirrored Publication Database, Log Reader Agent, High-Safety Mode, Tail-Log Backups etc.


Dedicated Advisory Enterprise Support

Our Dedicated Product Advisory Support enables customers to lean on the vast accumulated knowledge of our senior software engineers in the field of enterprise cloud technology and architecture. Ranging from best practices to use case optimization, it reduces pre-deployment uncertainties and helps to avoid project implementation pitfalls. With CLOUDBASIX you will level with the best in the field, whether it's about Business Continuity, High-Availability, or lowering TCO.

Featured Customers

From Nasdaq to CBS, learn directly from our customers why they choose CLOUDBASIX for RDS SQL Server  over Amazon DMS to migrate SQL Server, and deploy it to optimize RDS/EC2 SQL Server workloads - upgrade or enhance RDS Multi-AZ to Multi-AR to enable RDS SQL Server Read-Replicas for HA & offload primary RDS Servers; achieve cross-region DR & data-locality in hybrid, across AWS regions and InterCloud scenarios; scale down from SQL Server Enterprise to SQL Standard, create SQL Server to Amazon RedShift Replicas, layout S3 data lakes.


Key Partners

Our products are used by consulting companies to deliver High-Availability, Disaster-Recovery, stream big data to data warehouses on AWS and other public clouds for their customers. If you're interested in joining our network, learn about our Partner Program

The following are some of the known consulting companies to have deployed and/or supported CLOUDBASIX products.