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AWS Case Studies

Case Study - Migration to AWS with HA and reduced TCO OFX migrates to AWS, achieves High-Availability, and reduces TCO with CloudBasic OFX reduces TCO by scaling down from SQL Server Enterprise to RDS SQL Server Standard with CloudBasic, uses CB RDS Multi-AR to create Read-Replicas for High-Availability, Reporting, off-loading of Primary and Disaster Recovery.

HA/DMS: OFX migrates to AWS, achieves High-Availability, and reduces TCO with CloudBasic

OFX reduces TCO by scaling down from MS SQL Server Enterprise to RDS SQL Server Standard with CloudBasic, uses CB RDS Multi-AR to create Read-Replicas for High-Availability, Reporting, off-loading of Primary and Disaster Recovery. View Case Study

Multi-Hospital SaaS on AWS

Versant Holdings migrates a complex multi-tenant SaaS system to AWS with CloudBasic

Cloud architecture includes multiple redundancies and scalability options to support the large workloads of a 365/24/7 multi-hospital environment. View Case Study

CFL Case Study

HA: Canadian Football League (CFL) uses CloudBasic RDS Multi-AR Read-Replicas for HA and to off-load primary RDS servers

The fans’ mobile apps and the news media systems integrated with the CFL API, can now continuously access real-time sports data without overloading the League’s primary database. View Case Study

DR/DMS: CloudBasic makes vast historical data available for reporting and analytics in an AWS RDS/SQL Server to S3 Data Lake/SAS scenario and reduces TCO

CloudBasic Multi-AR for SQL Server and S3 handles historical SCD Type 2 data feeding from RDS SQL Servers to S3 Data Lake/SAS Visual Analytics. View Case Study

Read Nimble Case Study

HA/DMS: Australian fintech company leverages CloudBasic RDS Multi-AR for RDS SQL Server Migration and HA/DR on AWS

Nimble used CloudBasic’s RDS/EC2 SQL Server replication solution to optimize its cloud infrastructure and gain features not available in a standard RDS Multi-AZ configuration on AWS. View Case Study

Cloud ITSM solution uses CloudBasic for High Availability and reporting without burdening primary servers

CloudBasic creates near real-time read-replicas for multiple DBs across US and Europe, offloading primary, and facilitating faster response time for product's reporting system. View Case Study

Fastest growing fashion retailer in Turkey achieves DR and real-time data insights with AWS RedShift and Tableau Software

Social eCommerce platform turned to CloudBasic, AWS RedShift and Tableau to analyze data for 1/10th the cost of traditional data warehouse alternatives, using of CloudBasic’s dual function to feed data to Redshift and to create RDS SQL Server Read-Replicas for DR and HA. View Case Study

A medical imaging company achieves platform stability, data-locality and lowers TCO with CloudBasic tools

Sophisticated cloud deployment model employs fully accessible Geo-Read-Replicas for reporting; advanced database replication technology for improved system performance; and a cross-region Disaster Recovery solution. DevOps tools help automate DLM. View Case Study

CRM Data Aggregation on AWS Redhsift reporting

Redshift/DR: Global manufacturer aggregates CRM data from multiple on-premise locations into AWS RDS for reporting and Disaster Recovery with CloudBasic.

17 database servers from around the world are aggregated into a single AWS RDS server. Data is mirrored in Redshift for reporting with TIBCO Jaspersoft. View Case Study

Shopper Advertising Case Study AWS Read Replicas

A leading provider of mobile promotion solutions improves TCO on AWS with CloudBasic

Overcomes AWS Multi-AZ shortcomings by using CloudBasic’s RDS AlwaysOn to get fully accessible Read Replicas; Lowers costs thanks to CloudBasic’s support for SQL Web Edition. View Case Study

InterCloud IoT Case Study

An IoT Provider Uses CloudBasic InterCloud RDS Replication Technology for BC/DR, Reporting, Data Locality, and to avoid provider Lock-In

Pioneering IoT company replicates Rackspace SQL Servers to AWS RDS; uses fully accessible RDS Read-Replicas for Reporting & Analytics, offloading primary database server, and improving platform reliability. View Case Study

An established enterprise software company uses CloudBasic for RDS Replication and DR

Premier “Innovation Management” provider uses CloudBasic’s robust RDS tools for Replication and DR for more than 30 Fortune 500 clients, including tech powerhouses HP and Cisco, and large multinationals in Appliances, Energy, Financials, and others. View Case Study

Booking Protect Implements Cross-Continental Data Locality & High-Availability Based on RDS SQL Server Web Edition Geo Read-Replicas with CloudBasic

A refund protection provider uses CloudBasic RDS SQL AlwaysOn/Geo-Replicate to distribute data across Europe and US West and East Coasts by continuously replicating EU-based master data into a pair of RDS SQL Servers Web Edition in each region, with automatic fail-over between the Read-Replicas. View Case Study

Fast growing fashion retailer migrates to the cloud and lowers TCO with CloudBasic

Nationwide women’s clothing retailer migrates on-premise MS SQL Servers to AWS and deploys CloudBasic RDS Multi-AR/Geo-Replicate for Disaster Recovery, Reporting, Data Locality, and to Lower TCO. View Case Study

The Tie Bar, an eCommerce fashion retailer optimizes AWS cloud deployment with CloudBasic

The popular online menswear retailer uses CloudBasic’s RDS Multi-AR for Cross-Region DR and creating RDS SQL Server Readable-Replicas on AWS. View Case Study

Pro Star Logistics Uses CloudBasic’s RDS Multi-AR Geo-Read Replicas for Reporting & Analytics

Leading logistics solutions provider deploys Geo-Readable RDS Read Replicas with CloudBasic to enable 360 degree supply chain visibility and analytics for customers. View Case Study

Azure Case Studies used low-latency AWS to Azure intercloud replication to leverage the benefits of both clouds and achieve intercloud DR. utilized CloudBasic’s low-latency intercloud SQL server replication to solve the “AWS or Azure” dilemma and definitively preclude cloud provider lock-in. View Case Study

Mobile App Platform Case Study

A leader in enterprise mobility implements InterCloud Disaster Recovery and Data Locality with CloudBasic.

Combining InterCloud Disaster Recovery with Data Locality, mobile apps can reach the nearest API, either in AWS or Azure. View Case Study

Google Cloud Case Studies

Versant Holdings Takes Cloud Deployment to the Next Level with AWS-to-Google InterCloud Replication

Cloud provider lock-in "not an option” with CloudBasic RDS365 for Google Cloud - a fully managed Relational Database Service with standard capabilities to mirror AWS RDS. View Case Study

Oracle Cloud Case Studies

Oracle Magazine: $800M public corporation leverages CloudBasic Multi-AR for SQL Server HA/DR on Oracle Cloud!

Read full story in Oracle Magazine

Learn about CloudBasic Read-Replicas for SQL Server on Oracle Public Cloud

SQL.Replica for SQL Server on AWS RDS/EC2 & Azure

CLOUDBASIC for Amazon RDS SQL Server Read Replicas and Disaster Recovery (DR)