How to extend the default data storage


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How to extend the default data storage

(Applies to the version of CloudBasic Multi-AR which comes with pre-installed SQL Server Standard or Web Edition)

CloudBasic RDS Multi-AR comes with a default 512GB D: drive as the default storage for replicated databases.

Follow the following steps to extend it.

  1. Stop the CloudBasic server.
  2.  Go to the Volumes section on the AWS console.
  3. Locate the 512GB drive attached to the CloudBasic server (C: drive is 80GB, default D: drive is 512GB).
  4. Create a Snapshot
  5. Take a note of the "Attachment Information". i.e. "xvdb (attached)".
  6. Detach the volume. If detaching takes too long, you can try Force Detach Volume.
  7. Locate the volume snapshot from (4)
  8. Create an extended volume from it (go to "Size (GiB)" input box and specify the desired increased volume size).
  9. Attach the newly created extended volume to the CloudBasic server by reusing the attachment information (see (5))
  10. RDP to the CloudBasic server.
  11. Click the Windows Start Button, and type "Computer Management" and launch the respective management tool.
  12. Go to the Disk Management section of the Computer Management tool.
  13. Locate D: drive, right-click on the right-hand side (white area), and select "Extend Volume".