Encrypting Volume


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Encrypting Volume

1. If operating a Multi-AZ HA Cluster, this operation can be performed without a downtime: Shut down one of the Multi-AZ High-Availability cluster member CloudBasic servers first (replication workloads will be transferred to the other server). After the encryption is completed, boot the server back up, confirm replications workload is load balanced, then shut down the other server. Previously encrypted server will pick up the entire replication workload.

If operating a single CloudBasic server, then some downtime will be involved. 

2. Create a snapshot of C: drive.

3. Copy the snapshot to same zone, with selecting to encrypt the cloned snapshot (see attached)

4. Create a volume from the encrypted snapshot.

5. Detach drive C: from the server.

6. Attach the newly created encrypted volume as /dev/sda1 {suggested default is to attach it technically as D: drive. Replace "xvdf" with "/dev/sda1")