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SQL Server to Redshift SCD Types 1-2 data feed

This option utilizes a Staging Data Store.  It is a SQL Server DB where data is cached before it is pushed to the S3 flat file staging data store from where it is loaded into Redshift. It is not a complete read-replica of the source database. Only tables selected for Redshift replication are pulled into the Staging Data Store. Data changes are continuously being synchronized to the Staging Data Store. From there it is asynchronously exported and uploaded to the S3 Flat File Staging store. This mechanism allows for minimizing the workload on the primary database.

If you choose the option [SQL Server] to [Redshift] SCD Types 1-2 data feed, you will arrive at the following screen:

Populate the required fields for the Master / Source Database and the Staging Data Source, and proceed to the next screen.