Configure Multi-AZ/Multi-AR HA CloudBasic Cluster


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Configure CloudBasic Multi-AZ/Multi-AR HA Cluster

CloudBasic RDS AlwaysOn/Geo-Replicate allows replication servers deployed in different availability zones (Multi-AZ) or multi-availability-regions (Multi-AR) to be clustered achieving High-Availability replication processing. The replication workload is load balanced by default. If one server goes down the other one picks up the replication workload. Lower latency can be achieved (version 10.12 and above only) by assigning affinity to the server replicating with lower lag.

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Multi-AZ High-Availability CloudBasic Geo-Replicate Cluster on AWS

Watch the short video below, which details the specific steps in the configuration of an HA Cluster. It starts with the selection of an Amazon Machine Image,  and proceeds through the CloudBasic configuration steps after launching the instance. Please contact CloudBasic Support for more information.