McLaren Industries

A Global Industrial Manufacturer Achieves Multi-Region RDS SQL Server Read-Write Data Locality and Disaster Recovery with CloudBasix Solution

Architecture Diagram - Multi-Region Read Write Data Locality and Disaster Recovery


The Client

McLaren Industries, Inc. is a global manufacturing corporation, headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. The company is best known for its OEM and aftermarket tires and tracks for numerous construction machines, carrier vehicles, and agricultural equipment.

In the last 20 years the company has expanded globally, transforming into a diverse vertically integrated ISO-certified manufacturer and distributor, involved in a broad range of activities - from the design and manufacture of machinery, molds and tooling for the rubber industry, to contract manufacturing, and all the way to global chain management, logistics and distribution of final products to end customers throughout the world.

McLaren today is a reliable long term business partner of some of the best names in the equipment industry, as well as a trusted brand name for the end-users of its industrial products and services. Learn more about the company at

The Case

McLaren’s global footprint is constantly expanding, and currently includes corporate offices, representative, factories, branches, logistics and distribution centers, and subsidiaries in North and South America, Europe, Middle-East, Africa, Russia, South-East Asia and China, and Australia. Such a vast international operation requires a robust IT infrastructure, which must be capable of serving users of different nature and with different needs around the clock and anywhere in the world.

With such business complexity, handling the global company data-flow is a daunting task, not only because of the sheer number and geographical spread of the system users, but also because of the tight IT integration with OEM customers, some of which are amongst the largest industrial conglomerates in the world. The EDI interaction multiplies the demands for system reliability and instantaneous access to data. Many users are of critical importance, and any unavailability of data resulting from degradation of connectivity with primary databases, would have serious implications downstream and is simply unacceptable. Before you know it, quick access to important data can become a serious technological challenge in a complex international eco system of business units and integrated partners.

The Solution

The IT team at Mclaren determined that the most robust approach would be to deploy a solution based on a multi-region data-locality and disaster recovery architecture developed by a CloudBasic VAR.

The multi-region read-write data-locality aspect of the architecture is achieved via deploying of CloudBasix Multi-Region bundle instance nodes, which comprise of Dynamind RDS proxy, tightly integrated with CloudBasic for RDS SQL Server Read Replicas. The architecture supports seamless auto-reconfiguration of the multi-region orchestration to isolate a failing regional RDS node, which is also coordinated with a fully automated cross region disaster recovery.


Full set of internal ERP and internet facing applications are deployed in each region. The application layer is integrated with the local database proxy which provides local read-write access to the regional applications. The database proxy, which is tightly integrated with the read replicas engine, facilitates reading of data form the local AWS region RDS SQL Server read replicas, and synchronization of data updates to the primary AWS US East based RDS SQL Servers.

The disaster recovery aspect of the architecture, is based on CloudBasic's flagship RDS SQL Server cross-region disaster recovery architecture, with cross-region  CloudBasic HA Cluster and fail-over DR orchestration involving other AWS services such as Amazon Lambda and Route 53. RDS SQL Server DR read replicas are maintained in AWS US West region. If the fully automated fail-over from AWS East to AWS East is initiated, this would promote the RDS SQL Server read replicas, residing in AWS US West, to become primary. At this point the multi-region read-write data-locality aspect of the solution will rely on sourcing data from the newly promoted primary region.

As an additional benefit, the availability of RDS SQL Server read replicas required by the multi-region architecture, deliver local data to offshore based teams of BI analyst.

The Results

Mclaren's DevOps team was able to implement a robust multi-region data locality and disaster recovery solution based on a multi-region data locality architecture designed by a CloudBasic VAR. As a result the user experience of corporate offices, representative, factories, branches, logistics and distribution centers, and subsidiaries in North and South America, Europe, Middle-East, Africa, Russia, South-East Asia and China, and Australia, was substantially increased.

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