Support Terms

CloudBasic Support Service Terms

Last revised on 11/01/2017

1. The following Terms and Conditions apply to the Support Services offered by CloudBasic. In the event of a conflict between the terms of these Terms and Conditions and the CloudBasic End User Licensing Agreement or other agreements with us, the Terms and Conditions described here apply, but only to the extent of such conflict.

2. CloudBasic will provide “Support” in accordance with the terms of the CloudBasic Support Plans page available at (the “Guidelines”). CloudBasic support is available only as described in the Guidelines.

In providing CloudBasic Support, CloudBasic will use commercially reasonable efforts to:

2.1 respond with the “Response Times” set forth in the Guidelines for all properly submitted cases from authorized individuals, and
2.2 work towards the identification and resolution of the problems submitted.

When submitting a case, you may designate the severity level of a problem; provided that, we reserve the right to reclassify the severity level in our reasonable opinion. All Response Times are measured from the time of proper case submission  by an authorized customer representative to us. Cases may be submitted as specified in the Guidelines. Due to the complex nature of Enterprise Cloud environments the CloudBasic products operate in, we do not represent, warrant or guarantee that:

2.3 we will always be able to fully resolve a case,
2.4 you will no longer experience same problem again,
2.5 we will provide a bug fix, patch or other workaround in connection with the identified problem, or
2.6 any support or advice will result in any performance efficiency or improvement.

You are solely responsible for the implementation and results of any suggestions or advice received.

3. Regardless of when you sign up or terminate CloudBasic Support, you are obligated to pay for a minimum of thirty (30) days support term each time you register to receive the service.

We reserve the right to deny Premium CloudBasic Support subscriptions to customers who frequently register for and terminate the service.