Terms (EULA) – End of Life (EOL) Policy

End of Life (EOL) Policy for CLOUDBASIX Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) Offerings
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  1. CLOUDBASIX products reach the end of their product life cycle for a number of reasons, including product obsolescence, security issues, new software release, market demands and technology innovation. The purpose of the global EOL Policy is to allow our customers to manage the EOL transition, and migrate to updated or alternative products or technology.1
  2. This SaaS Products End of Life (EOL) Policy (“Policy”) applies to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Offerings as applicable, and defines the support available during the product lifecycle.
  3. The term “product” applies to a product line as a whole, a specific product version, or a SaaS offering as a whole.
  4. End-Of-Life (EOF) for SaaS Products current notifications list and EOL notifications archive is located at https://cloudbasic.net/legal/saas-products-end-of-life-notifications
  5. This Policy supersedes all previous versions of this policy. CLOUDBASIX reserves the right to modify this Policy at any time and will post updates along with current EOL dates, EOL notifications, product listings by product family, the Product EOL Table and other helpful EOL information.

Software as a Service (SaaS) Offerings


  1. As a service, CLOUDBASIX Software as a Service (“SaaS”) products, offers access to continuous incremental updates: all customers subscribe to the latest feature and functionality set and receive on-demand incremental updates. A subscription to a SaaS offering also includes support for that offering as detailed in the applicable SaaS Services Support plans description. A SaaS offering will begin the End of Life process only when CLOUDBASUX decides to terminate the SaaS offering in its entirety.

SaaS EOL Policy

EOL Milestone Dates


  • CLOUDBASIX will aim to provide an EOL notification of 6 months before EOSL.
  • The EOL notification will include information such as the End of Service Life date.
  • No new customers may subscribe to the SaaS offering following the date of the EOL notification.


  • At the EOSL date, all CLOUDBASIX services associated with the EOL SaaS offering are no longer available or accessible, and all associated support for the offering ends.
  • Notwithstanding anything in your existing agreements with CLOUDBASIX to the contrary, You shall be responsible for retrieving any data stored in the SaaS offering before the EOSL date.

Last revised on November 28, 2014