Why DevOps People choose CloudBasic?

Why DevOps People choose CloudBasic?

Top 5 reasons why DevOps people choose CloudBasic SQL.Replica for SQL Server HADR on AWS Marketplace and Azure:

#1. Overcome RDS SQL Server limitations:

RDS Multi-AZ for SQL Server does not create Readable Replicas. RDS for SQL Server lacks Geo-Replication (Cross-Region) capabilities. RDS Multi-AZ is not available for SQL Server Web Edition.

#2. Ease-of-use:

DevOps engineers are able to configure RDS & EC2 SQL Server Multi-AZ and Multi-AR Cross-Region replications in minutes and maintain the replications without the help of DBAs.

#3. Operational Superiority on AWS:

The product was designed for AWS and remains the only tool capable of replicating all versions of RDS and EC2 SQL Server, including SQL Server Web Edition; supports creating of RDS/EC2 SQL Server Web Edition Read-Replicas from SQL Server Standard and Enterprise. The latest version of the product even supports InterCloud replications: AWS RDS-to-Azure SQL, Rackspace SQL Server-to-AWS RDS, AWS RDS-to-Google Cloud.

#4. Reduce TCO:

By (1) creating Read-Replicas for reporting based on RDS SQL Server Web Edition & (2) replacing RDS Multi-AZ (which does not create readable replicas) with a more functional CloudBasic RDS-to-RDS solution, which is cost effective and more functional, as it supports DR, Reporting, HA and Data Locality use cases at the same time.

#5. Advisory Support:

CloudBasic's Enterprise Advisory Support is included with all subscriptions. It enables customers to lean on the vast accumulated knowledge of our senior software engineers in the field of enterprise cloud technology and architecture. Ranging from best practices to use case optimization, it reduces pre-deployment uncertainties and helps to avoid project implementation pitfalls. With CloudBasic you will level with the best in the field, whether it's about Business Continuity, High-Availability, or lowering TCO.