1. Windows/Active Directory logins (user accounts) are not replicated.

2. MSSQL Server level logins/users (along with roles) are replicated, however for security reasons random passwords are assigned. Passwords need to be manually reset on the replica SQL Server after the initial database replication seeding completes. Password changes are also not automatically replicated as part of the schema replication process.

Justification: CloudBasic RDS AlwaysOn/Geo-Replicate (Multi-AZ/Multi-AR) is designed to be lightweight and to handle MSSQL Server continuous replication over TCP/IP and to work in cross-region (over VPN or data encrypted in transit SSL connections), cross-aws-accounts (data/DR artifacts are stored in multiple AWS accounts, account level security breach would not affect business continuity), on-premise to AWS RDS or EC2 MSSQL Server, and even InterCloud replication scenarios.    

3. Dropped or renamed table columns are not automatically replicated as part of the continuous schema replication process. In case of dropped or renamed column(s) the following error will be reported in runtime logs for each change tracking process run:

>>ERROR:Ambiguous schema change detected. 
Has a column(s) been renamed or dropped in table(s):{table name} ? 
To resume change tracking, apply the proper schema 
change(s) manually to the replica database.