RDS Deploy


RDS Deploy for DevOps DLM/Jenkins (MS SQL Server)

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Product Description:

Move RDS databases around from development and staging environments without access to RDS file system. Integrate RDS Deploy into your DevOps tools, such as Jenkins and GO, to further automate Database Lifecycle Management and achieve true one-click deployments.


Enterprise Support by a dedicated support representative is included as part of all subscriptions.

  • No file system access to the RDS instance is required. Traditional tools require access to the MS SQL Server file system and cannot be used with AWS RDS.
  • Easy integration into DevOps tools such as Jenkins and GO. REST API allows for RDS DB Deployments to be initiated from PowerShell etc.
  • Unlimited user license is included. Traditional tools cost up to US$1,795 per user.

Latest Version:

Operating System:
Windows, Windows Server 2012 w/SQL Express 2014 (used for system purposes; this is not your replica MS SQL Server) & IIS 2012 x64

Delivery Method:
64-bit Amazon Machine Image (AMI)

AWS Services Required:
Amazon EC2, Amazon EBS

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Includes a dedicated support representative!

Annual Subscription: $2,400/yr (99% savings!)
For hourly pricing, choose region below:

FREE TRIAL: Try one instance of this product for 28 days! There will be no hourly software charges for that instance, but AWS infrastructure charges still apply. Free Trials will automatically convert to a paid hourly subscription upon expiration. Note that Free Trials are only applicable for hourly subscriptions, but you can opt to purchase an annual subscription at any time.

  • Total cost depends on instance type and EC2 region.
  • Software runs on instance types (Details).
  • Data Transfer Fees not included (Details).
  • Assumes On-Demand EC2 pricing (Details).
  • EBS General Purpose (SSD) volumes (Details):
    $0.10 per GB-month of provisioned storage
  • For lower prices you can try: Reserved Instances
  • See all EC2 pricing details.

Setup: Once the instance is running, and port 80 opened in the security group, connect to it by pointing a browser to the public DNS root URL (or IP) at default www port 80. Login with user: admin, initial temporary password: {EC2 Instance ID}. Upon successful login, you will land on the wizard page, which will allow you to initiate RDS/SQL Server replication in various scenarios, in just a few clicks. View API documentation